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It doesn't matter how many people you tell an UNTRUTH to; it makes it NO MORE TRUE than the INITIAL FABRICATION that was devised for SELF BENEFIT.
Life is about MAKING CONNECTIONS and LEARNING THROUGH THEM! Anything else is just a DISTRACTION that doesn't ALLOW US to BUILD RIGHT & EXACT! Keep your EYES on CREATING MOMENTS, not just hits.
There comes a point in EVERY PERSON'S LIFE that they are given the OPPORTUNITY to FACE THEMSELVES and BE HONEST ENOUGH to correct their wrongs. Don't fight it, EMBRACE IT before TRUTH eventually OVERRIDES the EGO and runs on AUTO-CORRECT!
Compassion does not KNOW EVERYTHING, nor does it justify SUFFERING in ANY WAY. It merely serves as a VEHICLE of EMPATHY, and provides us the OPPORTUNITY to go OUTSIDE of ourselves and PROVIDE the SMALLEST RAY of HOPE to another person.
The SECRET to SUCCESS has ALWAYS been HARD WORK, COMMITMENT and DETERMINATION. There is NOTHING that we cannot achieve if we simply BELIEVE, PURSUE and PERSIST!
Maturity & Wisdom is not reserved for those with AGE and EXPERIENCE; it is a GIFT to those with an OPEN HEART and willingness to GROW BEYOND their CURRENT stature and character.
It matters LITTLE the successes we make if they are made at the EXPENSE OF OTHERS or built upon SELF-INDIGNATION. As CONSTRUCTIVE as it may LOOK, it's foundation is as FORMLESS as the SANDS in DESERT WINDS. BUILD WITH THE FORTITUDE OF SELF-SACRIFICE!
It often matters LITTLE to OTHERS what you do for them, so don't be discouraged when they DON'T RECOGNIZE IT. Do for others KNOWING your action was FULL of RIGHT INTENTION and HONORABLE PURPOSE.
If there is no EVERYDAY, PRACTICAL APPLICATION to your beliefs or philosophy; then there is no WORTH or VALUE that it can CONTRIBUTE to SOCIETY. Seek PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS that PRODUCE RESULTS, not just ones that SPEAK of them.
When a person ATTEMPTS to SWAY THE OPINION of others against people, their character has ALREADY FAILED THEM. If one is TRULY RIGHTEOUS and living in VIRTUES, his/her CHARACTER will SOON ENOUGH shine ABOVE the LIES. STAY TRANSPARENT, because those who tell you this is FOOLISH only GAIN SWAY when you FALL TO VICES from SEEDS they had PREVIOUSLY PLANTED in your life.
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