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With EVERY TRIAL comes PAINS we MUST ENDURE, LESSONS we NEED TO LEARN and GROWTH we MUST FACE. EMBRACE the trials even when they seem TOO HEAVY to hold. We are GREATER than we BELIEVE and STRONGER than we PERCIEVE ourselves to be. KEEP SHINING!!!
Friendship is WORTH SOMETHING because it EXPECTS LITTLE, SUPPORTS A LOT and never LIES or CHEATS INTENTIONALLY. It's a God-Given Gift and is BOUND by OUR WORD and ACTION to always be TRUE and SINCERE and it has a NATURAL ability to OVERCOME OBSTACLES!
Situation, whether good or bad, will ALWAYS BE THERE, so why let them affect your GOALS? The REAL TRUTH is that these situations are around SIMPLY to test our ability to PUSH FORWARD and our WILL in following through on those things we CLAIM to LOVE in life.
When you are WORKING for something, it's your ability to push on when EVERYTHING ELSE STOPS that will determine your level of success during the PROFITABLE moments when THE RIGHT ideas are selectively executed. What is MOST VALUABLE to YOU will either HELP you or pull you AWAY FROM that PURPOSE - define WHAT YOU value WISELY!
There's NO POINT in trying to make up for your wrong doing unless you TRULY TURN AWAY from the OLD HABITS and ATTITUDES that got you into the position to DO WRONG. There's no STRENGTH in having karma lingering over your head; rather, a FALSE sense of strength that slowly eats away at your CONSCIOUSNESS.
Anything that's WORTH ANYTHING in this life takes EFFORT to achieve. Sometimes the greatest challenges in life are put in our way to test HOW FIRM we TRULY and how well we correct our MISGUIDED ANGLES. In the end, our SUCCESS IN LIFE is based on our immediate REACTIONS to the tests and challenges that FORCE US into situations where BEING FIRM and HUNGRY are the ONLY options LEFT.
What matters MOST is your INTENTIONS! If you're intention is WRONG, your outcome will NOT REMAIN POSITIVE; but if your intention is GOOD and PURE, the outcome will ALSO be GOOD even when the journey is MORE DIFFICULT because it is DIRECTLY CONNECTED with how well you hold up to the CHALLENGES.
Looking at things POSITIVELY FREES YOU even when things seem the same. There's a VALUE in staying TRUE to your SELF even when most people AREN'T. Your LIFE is only WORTH the IMPACT you leave with others, MAKE IT COUNT!
Everything happens for A REASON. It's up to YOU to find the "WHY" and see what you can LEARN FROM IT. Accept the MISTAKES you make and LEARN how to make the RIGHT CHOICE the next time!
There's NO PURPOSE in doing a bunch of GREAT THINGS if you're doing it through NEGATIVE means. Eventually KARMA will CATCH UP to you and DESTROY everything you built up.
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