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There's more to life than just succeeding at things... there's people to learn from... there's places to discover... there's a new generation of minds looking at the world in a different and new perspective. It's not all perfect... nothing EVER is. That's humanity at it's core... imperfect; yet curious and brave enough to fight through the accepted traditions to find a new perspective and renewed purpose.
One of the hardest parts of my musical journey was breaking out of my own head and pouring an easily understood image onto an audio canvas that people can understand. I always felt like people missed the point to my artwork; and I failed to see with their eyes. I was unable to break out of my own depth enough to really connect with the fans and provide them a more impacting delivery.
Shoutout to Boom Magazine Asia for the write up about us and our event in Hong Kong the beginning of this summer.
The value of a person is not only in what others can benefit from them; but how well they can influence others to extract value from themselves. Your reflection can be found in every person you influence or interact with.
The value of our life is not measured by the worth placed by others on us; but by the impacts and waves we create in the lives of those around us, whether they be positive or negative. Navigate your ship wisely and know when to steady the sails.
Some random thoughts I have had regarding this project and the journey to completing this mixtape/album combo series. It's been quite the change from my normal mode, and I wanted to share my thoughts with y'all on this.
The Battle Royal team asked me to do an interview regarding the Citizen Prophet LP, and Mr. Gray from Battle Royal did a great write up on their website that you can read on their website.
Read the interview from Az1 that takes a more personal approach to the business mind that makes imagiin360. The support I get from this team is undeniable, and the opportunity to be featured on their 5 from 5 interview series was a blessing. Read and share along!
Our view of the world has little to do with what we see in others, but more to do with our personal character and growth in this life. If you want a better world…. start by becoming a better YOU…
The only truly important steps in life are those that are led by an INNER YEARNING to grow BEYOND selfish ambitions. The moment we don't need validation is the moment we are FREE to pursue our purpose WITHOUT RESTRAINT.
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