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We spend their lives trying to CONTROL the OUTCOMES of our everyday life. If we only realized that "SIMPLY LIVING" is the most HONORABLE and NATURAL ROAD to becoming a MASTER of your OWN SELF and JOURNEY.
Even a GREAT IDEA has NO VALUE in itself unless PROPER EFFORT is applied to it; but effort ALONE does not QUALIFY the VALUE of that idea without a STRONG WILL to bear the JOURNEY towards the FRUITS of that idea becoming a REALITY.
EVERY STEP has its own PURPOSE to fulfill, and each step's purpose is DIFFERENT from others. DEFINE your POSITION in life and fulfill THAT PURPOSE, NOT the purpose OTHERS try and choose for you.
There is LITTLE TO KNOW about if you are ONLY seeking that knowledge for PERSONAL GAIN. It is SIMPLE to gain for one's SELF, but to gain for the OVERALL GOOD requires SELF-SACRIFICE and a WILLINGNESS to LOSE TODAY in order to WIN TOMORROW.
Each MOMENT we LIVE, we have an OPPORTUNITY to make something MORE of ourselves. Learning NEVER STOPS and UNDERSTANDING is an EVER-CYCLING PROCESS that we all YEARN FOR deep within ourselves, NATURALLY.
There is not a MOMENT OF TIME where the DIVINE ceases watching the HEARTS OF MEN and WOMEN and awarding their intentions in EQUAL MEASURE. It is THIS TRUTH that most do not SEE because they believe that the DIVINE and ALL ITS VIRTUE is OUTSIDE of themselves, when in fact it LIVES WITHIN THEM.
WISDOM is NOT in AGE, it's not in PROPELLED WILL - it is ONLY born in those who are willing to LEARN MORE from even those considered LESS WISE!
There is a QUIET DIGNITY in HONORING YOUR WORD even when others attempt to SLIGHT you. Some call it a WEAKNESS, but those who are WISE in life will UNDERSTAND that a CLEAR CONSCIENCE is MORE than just how we feel - it's a PRICELESS GEM of CERTAINTY that BUILDS CHARACTER.
There is MORE to this life than simply LIVING for one's OWN personal gain! There is a an UNDYING JEWEL hidden in EVERYONE'S heart that struggles to SHINE through the depths of our MORTAL INSIGNIFICANCE and POINTLESS MANEUVERS to gain SWAY and POSITION. This jewel is concerned ONLY with the amount LIGHT it shines on THOSE OUTSIDE of itself.
There are NO DREAMS worth the price of a man's HONOR and INTEGRITY, but there is no life WORTH the journey WITHOUT A DREAM. Balance the beams of NECESSITY and guard WISELY the UNDISCIPLINED thoughts of AMBITION.
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