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The FORCE of many has accounted for countless victories, but the DETERMINATION of a SELECT FEW have always guided the winning hands.
There is NO SUCCESS without those who you care about to SHARE IT WITH. Whether it be money, achievements, or other endeavors. A life lived ALONE and detached is like an enchanted island without a soul to WITNESS IT. POINTLESS!!!
Life is not ALWAYS about the GAME and how well you play it. Many times, SINCERITY and CHARACTER are MORE relevant; and if you TRULY CARE about those you claim to hold close to your heart, life is never JUST a game - it's a PURSUIT of something BETTER for YOURSELF and those you CLAIM TO LOVE.
Some moments can inspire a LIFETIME. These moments are RARELY NOTICED, but ALWAY FELT. Most only see them in HINDSIGHT, but those who seek TRUE PROGRESS would be wise to IDENTIFY these moments as they unfold in the PRESENT.
Our WORST days many times lead us into our BEST days, and our BEST days many times prepare us for the TRIALS of our WORST days. Nonetheless, make EACH DAY COUNT and appreciate the IRONIES that life hands us - because each day we FAIL, we have the opportunity of ANOTHER day to SUCCEED.
The Journey of Life is a PERPETUAL LESSON being learned EACH MOMENT that passes by. SEIZE these moments and LEARN THE LESSONS!
Every struggle we encounter provides us an OPPORTUNITY to determine the PERSONAL VALUE of our PURSUITS. Is your PURSUIT WORTH the STRUGGLES it may take to get there?
Realistic expectations are RARE because MOST people do not bother to CONSIDER OTHERS before establishing what they WANT OUT OF OTHERS. Expect LITTLE, Give MUCH and CONSIDER the unexpected turns of LIFE.
There is LITTLE VALUE in ART if it does not CONTRIBUTE to the OVERALL CONSCIOUSNESS of its listeners. Whether the results be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE, there MUST BE IMPACT for it's TRANSFORMATIVE NATURE to remain CONSISTENT.
Some moments are meant to REFINE our VIEWS and DEFINE our CHARACTER. Other moments are obscure experiences with NO TRUE purpose. Determine what moment you are living in NOW and PURSUE those only with DEFINEABLE VALUES.
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