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i360 Jewels

Everything happens for A REASON. It's up to YOU to find the "WHY" and see what you can LEARN FROM IT. Accept the MISTAKES you make and LEARN how to make the RIGHT CHOICE the next time!
There's NO PURPOSE in doing a bunch of GREAT THINGS if you're doing it through NEGATIVE means. Eventually KARMA will CATCH UP to you and DESTROY everything you built up.
Wisdom is something you gain through TRYING and FAILING and TRYING again! If you can SEE THE LESSON in it all and accept you don't know everything, you are GOOD TO GO!
When things start looking like they're going to FALL PART, fight your OWN damn pride and KEEP PUSHING!
Stay doing EXACTLY to what you HAVE BEEN DOING! Take it STEP BY STEP towards EXACTLY what you are aiming for. None of this shit comes from some magical light bulb, but by LEARNING SOMETHING EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!
Never mistake YOUR PROGRESS as another's LACK OF PROGRESS. The EGO quickly INFLATES with every step forward, and the inclination to DEVALUE those you ONCE VALUED is a NATURAL VICE needing BALANCE.
EVERY STEP we take towards our GOAL comes with its own SET OF DECISIONS and INVESTMENT. Make EVERY STEP PRECISE and move INTENTIONALLY.
There is an INVALUABLE LESSON in going through a STRUGGLE to ACHIEVE your DREAMS & GOALS. Don't look just at the END GOAL, but APPRECIATE THE JOURNEY even when it's not the most JOYFUL ONE.
Don't mistake KNOWLEDGE for INTELLIGENCE. While you may KNOW many things in this world, it takes a CERTAIN MIND to TRANSMUTE that KNOWLEDGE into a CONTRUCTIVE form of ACTIVE INTELLIGENCE.
FREEDOM is a CHOICE made WITHIN oneself DESPITE how things may LOOK. There is a place INSIDE EVERY HUMAN BEING that can't be TOUCHED or MOVED unless the PERSON who HOLDS that precious jewels ALLOWS IT SO. - KEEP SHINING!
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