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i360 Jewels

There comes a time in EVERY man's life that he MUST SEPARATE HIMSELF from EVERYDAY HUSTLES and FOCUS on his OWN HOME in order to attain his ULTIMATE GOAL. The HOME is the FIRST order of business ABOVE ALL ELSE.
Friendship is a RARITY that exists only between INDIVIDUALS who seek to let the OTHER shine; and in both doing so, SHINE BRILLIANT as ONE. This is the BINARY CUSTOM of the UNIVERSE, and TRUE FRIENDSHIP BUILDS that EQUALITY.
If a person does not seek ways to better THEMSELVES, they will NEVER be able to LEARN better from SOMEONE ELSE. If a person does not seek to KNOW THEMSELVES, then NO ONE will ever truly KNOW THEM.
There is NOTHING dishonorable about NOT KNOWING. In fact, it is a VIRTUOUS characteristic in those we SEEK TO KNOW MORE. It is only a VICE in moments that we THINK we KNOW IT ALL. In those cases, the UNIVERSE WILL BALANCE US accordingly :) Just sayin….
I have found that MOST PEOPLE only SEE what is comfortable and aligned to their OWN PLANS. But the GREATEST of HUMANS have been those who saw BEYOND THEIR PERSONAL VISION and found ways to ENABLE OTHERS to PURSUE their OWN.
There is something HONRABLE about THE STRUGGLE that REWARDS those who SUSTAIN through it. It is as if the universe itself PUSHES upon us to VALIDATE our personal CLAIM TO GREATNESS.
Before judging a person's INTENTIONS or CHARACTER, watch how they treat THOSE THEY LOVE. If they lead a life of NOBLE INTENTIONS and have a TRANSPARENCY to their GOALS & AMBITION - assume they ARE indeed as HONORABLE as they may seem. If they FAIL in NOBILITY and HONOR to their OWN HOUSE, they will FAIL those that matter even LESS.
Friendship holds a VALUE in that it EXPECTS LITTLE, SUPPORTS A LOT and never presents a FALSE FACE. It is HONORED by all things DIVINE and BOUND by WORD and ACTION to always maintain its INTEGRITY and an innate ability to OVERCOME OBSTACLES.
Circumstances will ALWAYS exist, so why do we allow them to DEFINE THE JOURNEY towards our GOALS? The REAL TRUTH is that these circumstances exist SIMPLY to test our TENACITY and WILL in pursuing those things we CLAIM to LOVE in life.
LOYALTY and HONOR are never measured by what I THINK my level of commitment is, rather; it is a collective, UNSPOKEN measure derived from those I TRULY care about. They will either believe my SINCERITY, or they will believe my character is merely SELF-FULFILLING. My level of TRANSPARENCY and THEIR character will determine that measure of TRUST between one another. Sometimes the problems aren't about US - sometimes it's about OUR INABILITY TO PROPERLY INTERACT WITH OTHERS in times of HARDSHIP and UNCERTAINTY.
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