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i360 Jewels

There is an UNDENIABLE ABILITY in us as humans to reach BEYOND the natural cycle of things and CHANGE THE COURSE of events. It would be WISE if we REALIZED enough of this SIMPLE TRUTH to EXERCISE IT in a way that was CONSTRUCTIVE and NOT haphazardly as MOST people USUALLY do.
There isn't ONE MOMENT that can't be taken advantage of! Live life in EXPECTATION of moments that you can use to POSITIVELY benefit YOURSELF and THOSE AROUND YOU. Keep Shining!!!!
If you intend to make a POSITIVE IMPACT in those around you or even the world, your EFFORT and ACTIONS must line up with a PURPOSE that is GREATER than YOURSELF.
PRIDE is tricky in that it APPEARS to ABSOLVE a person from CRITICISM in the time they NEED IT THE MOST.
There is an inherent nature of both GOOD and EVIL in ALL OF US! What you choose to FEED INTO is YOUR CHOICE; and the RESULTS of your life are DIRECTLY CONNECTED to this decision. CHOOSE WISELY!
Each day brings a new OPPORTUNITY and a VALUABLE LESSON. What if you INTENTIONALLY focused EACH DAY seeking that LESSON and OPPORTUNITY?
Be sure to show those who SUPPORT you the VALUE of what they bring to the table. Don't MINIMIZE what a person does in order to satisfy your OWN PERSONAL EGO.
There is ALWAYS at least ONE THING you can LEARN from EVERY PERSON, and AT LEAST one thing you can TEACH every person. PRIDE & HUMILITY sit on the SCALES of BALANCE to DEFINE our TRUE SELF based on how well we honor BOTH aspects of that SIMPLE truth.
There's something about FINISHING SOMETHING that provides a person that DRIVE to continue PUSHING in pursuit of something BEYOND OURSELVES.
In all the resolution-making that comes with this holiday, ANALYZE your goals from the PREVIOUS YEAR and determine the SUCCESSES and FAILURES you encountered PURSUING those goals. In the NEW YEAR, create goals that NATURALLY GROW from the previous year's LEARNED LESSONS. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
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