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Article Archive

Some Thoughts on The #elPresidente Project

By imagiin360
Some random thoughts I have had regarding this project and the journey to completing this mixtape/album combo series. It's been quite the change from my normal mode, and I wanted to share my thoughts with y'all on this.
For the Citizen Prophet series which included the "Prophet to the People" Mixtape, it was more personal for me. I took the time to really capture my journey from giving up music, to picking up a family to going through a divorce to rebuilding from scratch. It was my one chance to get something done that meant everything to me on an intimate level. For this upcoming project, I want to change the gears. While I can't always snap out of the personal mode, as most of what I write involves my own life experiences and views; the #elPresidente project is going to be a little more rough around the edges.
For starters, the mixtape I want to keep lyrical. I think it's time I show that side of myself more and have fun with the wordplay that I used to enjoy in my younger years so much. Working on those tracks has brought out that alter ego a bit more; and I've noticed the response of the crowd to some of those performances are almost immediate. For that reason, I'm keeping it that way on the mixtape and leaving my more meaningful tracks for the album with full instrumental compositions.
For the album, I may drop in some personal tracks with a twist of heavy punchline tracks that will once and for all cement my skillset for those who doubted it. It's definitely been a growing experience and the more I show my alter ego around, I notice people gravitate towards it. I'm not sure if it's the lack of filters that appeals to people in this world full of plastic (so I like to call it). But I do know it's like a good workout when I'm done in the booth and I am enjoying the steps I have been making so far. Just wanted to share some random thoughts and let y'all know to start looking out for previews and drops from the upcoming project in the next few weeks. Working hard to get everything situated to make it monumental!
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