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One of the hardest parts of my musical journey was breaking out of my own head and pouring an easily understood image onto an audio canvas that people can understand. I always felt like people missed the point to my artwork; and I failed to see with their eyes. I was unable to break out of my own depth enough to really connect with the fans and provide them a more impacting delivery.
Some random thoughts I have had regarding this project and the journey to completing this mixtape/album combo series. It's been quite the change from my normal mode, and I wanted to share my thoughts with y'all on this.
So, here I am late at night working through business plans, site updates and a task list that resembles the tower of babel; and I'm wondering whether I can really make this work. Listening to the album and getting the feedback has been the most encouraging thing; but that doesn't always translate to sales and business growth; so I feel the need to be a bit realistic as well.
Sooooo, it's been a while since I wrote a regular damn blog, and I figured this was a good event as any, right? We've been hard at work trying to finish some projects up, and even slowed down performances to do so.
So, 2012 has been a bit crazy. We've had our team go from simply music creation and some performances to videos, performances all around the Tampa area, out of state recognition and online radio play as well as some good mixtape placements.
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