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The only truly important steps in life are those that are led by an INNER YEARNING to grow BEYOND selfish ambitions. The moment we don't need validation is the moment we are FREE to pursue our purpose WITHOUT RESTRAINT.
There are no opportunities too far from reach when you have the determination, perseverance and patience to properly administrate YOUR OWN RIGHT to that opportunity. Life is much like a symphony… conduct your masterpiece accordingly.
Dreams are for those who see BEYOND the everyday hustle to PURSUE something LARGER than themselves. There are always individuals who have FAILED or GIVEN UP on their goals for whatever reasons, and they choose to shoot down other's dreams and ambitions because they feel INSUFFICIENT to FULFILL THEIR OWN. Never let ANYONE tell you to GIVE UP or PUSH AWAY from those things you feel you CAN and have the WILL to accomplish; even when the CIRCUMSTANCES seem in opposition to it.
There are NO DREAMS worth the price of a man's HONOR and INTEGRITY, but there is no life WORTH the journey WITHOUT A DREAM. Balance the beams of NECESSITY and guard WISELY the UNDISCIPLINED thoughts of AMBITION.
Before judging a person's INTENTIONS or CHARACTER, watch how they treat THOSE THEY LOVE. If they lead a life of NOBLE INTENTIONS and have a TRANSPARENCY to their GOALS & AMBITION - assume they ARE indeed as HONORABLE as they may seem. If they FAIL in NOBILITY and HONOR to their OWN HOUSE, they will FAIL those that matter even LESS.
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