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There is NO glory in CONTEMPT, NO honor in DECEIPT and NO success born from EGO. The success of most is merely an ILLUSION for self-glorification. The TRULY virtuous will see beyond the facades and embrace a life FREE from such vain concepts. They will pursue that which they know is a RIGHT of every soul, and acknowledge its potential in EVERYONE ELSE.
The opportunities we SEEK OUT in life are merely mirrors of the INHERENT POTENTIAL that ALREADY EXISTS WITHIN each one of us.
Most of our ORIGINS are found in those things that are SUBTLE ENOUGH to stay hidden from everyday view, but STRONG ENOUGH to still possess the potential to MOLD OUR PERSONNAS. SEEK THE ORIGIN OF THINGS AND LIVE INTENTIONALLY!
Circumstances sometimes have a way of blinding us from our POTENTIAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS. We believe that we CAN NOT when in all reality, we CAN if we chose to seek beyond the iron curtain of circumstance. It is FULLY in our OWN power to push BEYOND what things SEEM to be and MAKE THEM what they OUGHT to be. We just have to be willing to make the necessary SACRIFICES along the way. VICTORY without SACRIFICE is empty and void of PERSONAL VALUE.
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