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Read the interview from Az1 that takes a more personal approach to the business mind that makes imagiin360. The support I get from this team is undeniable, and the opportunity to be featured on their 5 from 5 interview series was a blessing. Read and share along!
So, here I am late at night working through business plans, site updates and a task list that resembles the tower of babel; and I'm wondering whether I can really make this work. Listening to the album and getting the feedback has been the most encouraging thing; but that doesn't always translate to sales and business growth; so I feel the need to be a bit realistic as well.
There are no opportunities too far from reach when you have the determination, perseverance and patience to properly administrate YOUR OWN RIGHT to that opportunity. Life is much like a symphony… conduct your masterpiece accordingly.
Sometimes adversities in life are NOT tests of Faith. Sometimes it's simply a result of BAD DECISIONS that need correction. Seek the LESSON in every moment and don't be blinded to the PERSONAL ROLE your decisions and outlook play in these moments. Don't cheat yourself from the opportunity to BE BETTER!
The opportunities we SEEK OUT in life are merely mirrors of the INHERENT POTENTIAL that ALREADY EXISTS WITHIN each one of us.
Our WORST days many times lead us into our BEST days, and our BEST days many times prepare us for the TRIALS of our WORST days. Nonetheless, make EACH DAY COUNT and appreciate the IRONIES that life hands us - because each day we FAIL, we have the opportunity of ANOTHER day to SUCCEED.
Every struggle we encounter provides us an OPPORTUNITY to determine the PERSONAL VALUE of our PURSUITS. Is your PURSUIT WORTH the STRUGGLES it may take to get there?
There comes a point in EVERY PERSON'S LIFE that they are given the OPPORTUNITY to FACE THEMSELVES and BE HONEST ENOUGH to correct their wrongs. Don't fight it, EMBRACE IT before TRUTH eventually OVERRIDES the EGO and runs on AUTO-CORRECT!
Compassion does not KNOW EVERYTHING, nor does it justify SUFFERING in ANY WAY. It merely serves as a VEHICLE of EMPATHY, and provides us the OPPORTUNITY to go OUTSIDE of ourselves and PROVIDE the SMALLEST RAY of HOPE to another person.
While it is TRUE that a positive attitude may not CHANGE the circumstances; NO circumstance will move itself as a hindrance without FIRST seeing the BENEFIT and OPPORTUNITY of its CHALLENGE.
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