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There is NO glory in CONTEMPT, NO honor in DECEIPT and NO success born from EGO. The success of most is merely an ILLUSION for self-glorification. The TRULY virtuous will see beyond the facades and embrace a life FREE from such vain concepts. They will pursue that which they know is a RIGHT of every soul, and acknowledge its potential in EVERYONE ELSE.
It's not always about a person's resources, nor their knowledge on a thing that makes them valuable. Their worth is defined in their ability to EXECUTE and DELIVER a desired result from THOUGHT into a set of MEASURABLE ACTIONS or BENEFITS.
Leadership is more than being at the head of some ambiguous table. Most times, if done correctly, the leader BUILDS the table, SETS the table, SERVES at the table and CLEANS the table. There's no space for "Lazy" in leadership, but a REQUIREMENT to PRIORITIZE WITHOUT EMOTION for the BEST INTEREST OF THE TEAM is CRITICAL!
If you SPEAK about POSITIVITY and CLAIM you are a POSITIVE LEADER, you MUST make every effort to LIVE IT in EVERY ASPECT of your NATURAL being; not just when it's CONVENIENT! - TRUE LEADERSHIP ALWAYS BEGINS IN SERVITUDE!
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