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The only ABSOLUTES in this life are those which YOU CREATE!!! And even those opportunities must WITHSTAND the limitations and unpredictability of REAL LIFE.
It's not always about a person's resources, nor their knowledge on a thing that makes them valuable. Their worth is defined in their ability to EXECUTE and DELIVER a desired result from THOUGHT into a set of MEASURABLE ACTIONS or BENEFITS.
So, 2012 has been a bit crazy. We've had our team go from simply music creation and some performances to videos, performances all around the Tampa area, out of state recognition and online radio play as well as some good mixtape placements.
There is NO BENEFIT in ignoring the obvious failures or shortcomings of one's "SELF". There can only be a benefit in ACKNOWLEDGING these weaknesses in an effort to STRENGTHEN our personal VICES and change them into VIRTUES.
Leadership is more than being at the head of some ambiguous table. Most times, if done correctly, the leader BUILDS the table, SETS the table, SERVES at the table and CLEANS the table. There's no space for "Lazy" in leadership, but a REQUIREMENT to PRIORITIZE WITHOUT EMOTION for the BEST INTEREST OF THE TEAM is CRITICAL!
Be careful of those who expect MUCH without proper obligation to meet THE SAME expectations. No matter your position, any request REQUIRES EQUAL COMMITTMENT from BOTH PARTIES.
Dreams are for those who see BEYOND the everyday hustle to PURSUE something LARGER than themselves. There are always individuals who have FAILED or GIVEN UP on their goals for whatever reasons, and they choose to shoot down other's dreams and ambitions because they feel INSUFFICIENT to FULFILL THEIR OWN. Never let ANYONE tell you to GIVE UP or PUSH AWAY from those things you feel you CAN and have the WILL to accomplish; even when the CIRCUMSTANCES seem in opposition to it.
The advantages we take for granted will many times unknowingly determine our character and outlook in life; though most days we only see the extreme and noticeable events that shape our life views. Which has more weight is determined by the ability of a person to acknowledge ALL ASPECTS of those things influencing their personal development. #EyesOpen
Some moments are made to PUSH US into a position where reflecting on one's SELF is the ONLY OPTION. They happen right before the CRITICAL MOMENTS, almost like an alarm letting you know SOMETHING MUST CHANGE.
Sometimes the view from a CHILD'S EYES is the most ACCURATE view of all. It is not distracted by AGENDAS and CONFLICT; and it does not PRETEND to know anything beyond the child's personal experiences. #HaveMindsLikeChildren
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