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There is a VALUE in SINCERE SUPPORT, and the by product of such support is found in EVERY SUCCESS we encounter. Support based on HIDDEN AGENDAS and PERSONAL GAIN at the expense of OTHERS always leads to inevitable SECLUSION. Challenge yourself to be SINCERE in your efforts and TRANSPARENT in all your angles. People will APPRECIATE that MUCH MORE at the end of the day.
There IS a VALUE in being GENUINE with people that most of us can APPRECIATE. Try and be GENUINE when possible, RESERVED when needed and TRANSPARENT to those who have a MUTUAL INTEREST in PRESERVING THE VISION above the DESIRE for quick and POINTLESS GAINS.
There's no point to ATONEMENT unless you truly TURN AWAY from the OLD HABITS and ATTITUDES that put you in a position to have to ATONE for ANYTHING. There's no STRENGTH in KARMIC DEBT, rather an ILLUSION of STRENGTH which slowly EATS AWAY at the individual.
Anything of WORTH in this life takes a CONCERTED EFFORT to achieve. Sometimes the greatest challenges in life are placed before us to test our TENACITY and challenge our MISGUIDED APPROACHES. In the end, our SUCCESS IN LIFE is based upon our immediate RESPONSE to the tests and challenges that force us into a circumstance where PERSISTANCE and the DESIRE BORN from BARE HUNGER are the only options left.
It's not the action so much as it is the INTENT behind our actions. If the intent is WRONG, the outcome will produce CORRUPT FRUIT; but if the intent is PURE, the fruit is GOOD and the journey is THAT MUCH MORE DIFFICULT as it is in DIRECT PROPORTION to the WORTH of our CHARACTER.
When everything begins to CAVE IN, look at what your FIRST GOAL ONCE WAS and see if you're in line with your ORIGINAL INTENT. Your FOCUS depends purely on your ability to KEEP AIM at those things which will produce RESULTS towards a SPECIFIC PURPOSE.
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